Caledonia Cup

Jun 23 to Jun 25, 2017

U12 Boys Celtic

ID When/Where Home Score Away
3Fri 7:30pm at SSF1Calgary Foothills Boys 053 - 2Drillers U13 (Thompson)
4Sat 10:00am at SSF4St Albert Impact Y0 - 2Fort McMurray Fury U12B (Nama)
5Sat 11:15am at SSF5St Albert Impact X0 - 2Calgary Foothills Boys 05
6Sat 1:45pm at SSF5Scottish United Holt3 - 4St Albert Impact Y
7Sat 3:15pm at SSF4Drillers U13 (Thompson)3 - 1St Albert Impact X
8Sat 5:30pm at SSF1Fort McMurray Fury U12B (Nama)2 - 1Scottish United Holt
10Sun 1:15pm at SSF3Drillers U13 (Thompson)2 - 1St Albert Impact Y
11Sun 1:30pm at SSF4Calgary Foothills Boys 054 - 0Fort McMurray Fury U12B (Nama)
9Sun 2:30pm at SSF5St Albert Impact X1 - 2Scottish United Holt
Team Name (Group 1) F A D P
Calgary Foothills Boys 05 Gold 5 2 3 6
Drillers U13 (Thompson) Bronze 5 4 1 3
St Albert Impact X 1 5 -4 0
Team Name (Group 2) F A D P
Fort McMurray Fury U12B (Nama) Silver 4 1 3 6
St Albert Impact Y 4 5 -1 3
Scottish United Holt 4 6 -2 0
Top 5 Scoring Leaders
Player Name Team Name Goals
Mazen ZeidanSt Albert Impact Y4
Ewan MadiganCalgary Foothills Boys 053
Jameson GibbDrillers U13 (Thompson)3
Joshua ShepherdCalgary Foothills Boys 053
Adam ChaitaniCalgary Foothills Boys 052

6 Team Crossover

After all regular matches are finished, 1st from Group 1 plays 1st from Group 2 in Gold/Silver match, 2nd plays 2nd in Bronze/4th match and 3rd plays 3rd in Consolation match.

Teams are awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

F = Goals For A = Goals Against D = Goal Differential P = Points Mercy Rule in Effect


2 Way Tie Breaking Procedures:
  • Head To Head
  • Goals Differential
  • Goals Against
  • Penalty Kicks
3 Way Tie Breaking Procedures:
  • Goals Differential
  • Goals Against
  • Penalty Kicks

H2H = Winner of Head To Head

PK = Winner of Penalty Kicks

Game times, location and opponents subject to change. Scores are posted as soon as available, but subject to change in the event of a review.