Caledonia Cup

Jun 23 to Jun 25, 2017

U11 Boys Dundee

ID When/Where Home Score Away
46Fri 6:00pm at SSF5Scottish United (Costa/Decker)2 - 7MW Selects U12 (Wojcichowsky)
47Fri 7:15pm at SSF5Strikers 07 (Mansaray)5 - 8SW STING FC (Williams u11)
43Sat 9:00am at SSF1SW STING FC (Williams u11)1 - 0MW Selects U12 (Wojcichowsky)
44Sat 12:45pm at SSF3Scottish United (Costa/Decker)0 - 0SW STING FC (Williams u11)
45Sat 1:00pm at SSF1MW Selects U12 (Wojcichowsky)3 - 3Strikers 07 (Mansaray)
42Sat 5:30pm at SSF3Strikers 07 (Mansaray)5 - 0Scottish United (Costa/Decker)
56Sun 3:45pm at SSF5Strikers 07 (Mansaray)3 - 2Scottish United (Costa/Decker)
55Sun 4:00pm at SSF4SW STING FC (Williams u11)0 - 2MW Selects U12 (Wojcichowsky)
Team Name F A D P
SW STING FC (Williams u11) 9 5 4 7
MW Selects U12 (Wojcichowsky) 10 6 4 4
Strikers 07 (Mansaray) 13 11 2 4
Scottish United (Costa/Decker) 2 12 -10 1
Top 5 Scoring Leaders
Player Name Team Name Goals
Mohammed MahfouzStrikers 07 (Mansaray)5
Saif JuntuStrikers 07 (Mansaray)5
Shyam SantoshMW Selects U12 (Wojcichowsky)5
Calum McLennanSW STING FC (Williams u11)4
Nikolas TangStrikers 07 (Mansaray)3

4 Team Round Robin

Every team plays 3 matches. Medals are determined from standings after all matches have been played.

Teams are awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

F = Goals For A = Goals Against D = Goal Differential P = Points Mercy Rule in Effect


2 Way Tie Breaking Procedures:
  • Head To Head
  • Goals Differential
  • Goals Against
  • Penalty Kicks
3 Way Tie Breaking Procedures:
  • Goals Differential
  • Goals Against
  • Penalty Kicks

H2H = Winner of Head To Head

PK = Winner of Penalty Kicks

Game times, location and opponents subject to change. Scores are posted as soon as available, but subject to change in the event of a review.